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Wales' primary city and capital, Cardiff, is home to nearly a third of a million people and the seat of power in the shape of the Welsh Assembly. The city is located on Cardiff Bay, the northern bank of the Severn estuary, and its port, Tiger Bay, was at one time the busiest site for coal export in the world.

In recent years Cardiff Bay has undergone massive regeneration due to the construction of the Cardiff Barrage, which has dramatically lowered the flood-risk to the surrounding area.

Historically Cardiff grew from humble roots to become a bustling port, which transported coal from the Welsh mines to the rest of the world during the upsurge of industry in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In 1905 Edward VII gave Cardiff its city status and later, in the 50's, it was bestowed with the honour of being the country's capital (Wales that is), so 2005 is doubly momentous.

You can read more about Cardiff in the About Cardiff section.

Read more about Cardiff in the About Cardiff section.